We carry Ready Hour, Alexapure and other prepping and survival gear! Our online store will be up soon! Shoot us a message, give us a call or find us on Facebook to place an order.


Whether it's general maintenance or your great-grandpa's favorite shotgun isn't working, we've got the tools to put your firearms in tiptop condition.


    Picture this, you're in the pasture, you see a hog in the distance, you pull out your tried & true firearm, only to pull the trigger & get a click instead of a boom. Hog runs off & you're wondering what happened...

    Bring it by Come & Take It, we'll get it back in shape for the next time that hog comes around!


    Cleaning & inspections are the first step to safety. Your gun is a tool first & foremost. Sometimes, they get beat up a little more than they should, whether it's on your side-by-side rack, or stuck in a corner of the closet. Dust & dirt are never a good addition to your firearm.

    Come see us to get it working like it should.


    What was supposed to be an easy project quickly turns south when a spring gets shot into orbit, or that teeny-tiny pin rolls under the couch. We've all been there.

    Accidents happen, things get lost, or broken, then you're not sure where to start. Come see us & we can get the parts you need.


We are located at 105 West Main St. Bronte, Texas. A small town that's rich with hunting, Texas pride, & good people.

We share our building with Prickly Lantern Co. - a women's outdoor boutique. Our shop is the best place for husbands & wives to get their gear taken care of & do some shopping.

Our end of Main Street is a one stop shop for the outdoor & hunting enthusiast. On one side of us we have Bronte Guns & Tackle, then the other side we have Big Game Studio, a taxidermy shop.