About Us / Bronte, TX Gunsmith

We are a gunsmith shop serving west Texas from Abilene to San Angelo, to Midland and Odessa, and every little town in between. Having your firearm working correctly is our number one priority because that's where safety begins.

  • To say shooting, hunting and all things guns have been lifelong obsessions isn’t a stretch at all for me. My parents bought my first gun, a Chipmunk .22, before I was even born. Once I got it figured out, I was hooked.

    Shooting squirrels in the woods of southeast Texas was an everyday occurrence. From there it was time in the duck blind when I had a .410 and everyone around me shot 12 gauges.. hardly tall enough to see over the brush. Before long I was hunting with my highschool buddies every chance we could get. Then the pistol craze hit me and I was ready to join the Glock family.

    Tragically, all of my guns were lost in the boating accident though. From the beginning, I’ve loved figuring out why and how each little part worked, cleaning guns, and making sure everything was in its place. My wife says this is one of my personality traits, no matter what the project is.

    With the craziness the world has experienced & the craziness that’s to come, I figured what better than to turn my passion into a gunsmithing career? Better yet, let’s make a stand for the things I believe in. In today’s world it’s considered wrong to some people to love Jesus, your country & bear arms, but that’s all part of who I am.

  • These days my happy place is hunting with my wife, Macy & our labrador, Drake. It's normally public lands these days with Poptarts & hot coffee. The birds may not always be the best, but it's always memorable.

  • If we aren't scouting, at the range, tending to our up & coming homestead, or working, chances are you'll find at a drag race. It's my other passion because hey, who doesn't love a quick car? My good friend, Donnie Johnson, once told me to never forget hotrods & I live by that.